Tax Planning Services

Tax Planning Services

Find a practical solution for your tax concerns

Tax issues arise in an enormous array of situations for both individuals and businesses. at any time. Taxpayers typically begin to address those issues with their return preparers or accountants, but there are many issues involving difficult issues of law which require the services of a lawyer. Often working with other professionals hired by clients, Stu Bassin works with return preparers and accounting firms on issues which require expertise in multiple disciplines such as—

- Determination of whether a client is subject to taxation in a particular state when the client has recently moved.

- Next steps when the IRS has begun to question a position taken on a client’s tax return.

- Protecting clients from potential penalty assessments where they are concerned that the IRS may challenge a position taken on the client’s tax return.

- Evaluating various options for structuring business purchases and sales.

- Evaluating options for presenting a position likely to garner IRS attention.

When you want a lawyer’s perspective on a tax law issue, you should join other sophisticated businesses and individuals in consulting with The Bassin Law Firm, PLLC.