Tax Audit Attorney in Washington D.C.

Work with an experienced tax attorney in Washington, D.C. and beyond

If you’ve received a letter or notice from the IRS, contact The Bassin Law Firm, PLLC right away. Stu Bassin has handled all matter and many complex tax audit cases during his career in Washington, D.C. and beyond. He has litigated prominent tax audit cases that were mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. He’s also been recognized nationally for his exceptional legal prowess.

You can rely on Stu Bassin to work toward the best possible result. Call 202-895-0969 now to schedule a consultation for tax issue or tax audit case in Washington, D.C.

Getting started early improves your chances

Getting started early improves your chances

You can send IRS notices and any other related documents to The Bassin Law Firm immediately. Stu Bassin will figure out where you are in the tax audit process, what your legal issue is, and what can be done moving forward. Depending on your case, he’ll help you:

  • Respond to a document request
  • Prepare to file a lawsuit or a complaint
  • File an administrative protest

Stu Bassin will be upfront about your situation and explain your best options.

Hire a nationally recognized tax audit expert with more than 25 years of experience representing both the Government and private parties. Contact Stu Bassin today to discuss your tax audit case in Washington, D.C. and throughout the region.