Tax Audit Specialist

Tax Audit Specialist

Work with an experienced tax lawyer with clients from around the D.C. region, around the country and from around the world.

We all dread the prospect of opening mail from the Internal Revenue Service or other tax authority. (Tax agencies never place phone calls to taxpayers). It is rarely good news and the agency may raise a wide array of unsettling questions. For example, the letter may be—

· an innocuous request to correct a social security number reported on a tax return,

· a request for detailed information regarding an item reported on your return,

· an announcement of a full-blown audit,

· a proposed “correction” of your return,

· a formal notice of deficiency,

· a notice of tax due,

· a notice that a lien has been filed, or

· a whole universe of other inquiries.

Sometimes the letter is sent by a living human being; more often, the process is completely computer-generated. And, too often, most taxpayers cannot even understand what the agency wants and why it is asking.


How do you know how to respond? There are literally dozens of different possible responses, hundreds of potentially applicable IRS forms, and more than one million words in the Internal Revenue Code. Few taxpayers have the background and tools to efficiently resolve the agency’s questions. And, even if you have done nothing wrong, your response may not satisfy the agency.

That is where you need an experienced tax professional like Stu Bassin. He has been translating otherwise impenetrable IRS communications into manageable language for decades. He can identify the core of the agency’s concerns, propose multiple options for his clients, prepare the necessary documents, and advocate for you before the agency and the courts.

Stu Bassin offers a complimentary initial consultation to taxpayers with tax audit issues. Just email a copy of the IRS communication to and call 202-316-8317 to schedule a time for a conversation.