Sophisticated Representation When You Must Go To Court

Sophisticated Representation When You Must Go To Court

Few of us relish the thought of becoming involved in litigation. The procedures are unfamiliar and byzantine, the process is frustrating, and the stakes are high. When you must go to court, you need to have an experienced, professional lawyer on your side if you want to achieve your goals.

Litigation is complicated. Think of it as learning to play a musical instrument or playing chess; most anyone can learn to move the chess pieces or strum a guitar, but far fewer know how to perform a musical tune or play chess at a winning ;level. Similarly, most lawyers know the way to courthouse and the basic court rules, but far fewer know how to employ the litigation process with the expertise and creativity needed to win. That is why you need a lawyer with Stu Bassin's experience and practical knowledge.

Stu Bassin has served as lead counsel in hundreds of federal cases. He has taken or defended countless depositions. More important, he has dealt with a host of diverse collection of opponents with their varying skills and practiced before judges with a wide range of experience and preferences. Along the way, he has learned the tricks of the trade and developed a flexible approach which can be tailored to the unique needs of each individual client.

The Bassin Law Firm PLLC aims to make high-level legal representation available to clients without the cost of the big, name-brand firms. As a small firm, it relates to the needs of clients with limited legal budgets. Conversely, the firm employs the latest technology to allow Stu Bassin to handle both complex mega-litigation with thousands of documents without an army of expensive lawyers and staff. Regardless of the matter, the firm's clients receive Stu's personal attention.

When you need sophisticated skills, but want personal attention at a lower cost, call The Bassin Law Firm PLLC at 202-316-8317 to discuss your options.