Tax Litigation


Tax litigation is a sophisticated area of practice with its own sets of rules and procedures. Throughout the past three decades, Stu Bassin has litigated dozens of tax cases on behalf of both private clients and the government in courts all over the country. Just like a skilled chef who knows a hundred different ways to cook an egg, Stu has learned the “tricks of the trade” which help his clients win their cases. He employs a wide range of techniques to simplify litigation and the disruption in the lives of his clients while maintaining constructive relationships with opposing attorneys and judges. Where others may stumble, Stu can identify approaches and avenues that allow his clients to resolve their differences with the tax authorities efficiently and successfully.

During the past five years, he has often represented several individual and businesses in the United States Tax Court and other forums. In many cases, he has convinced the IRS of the errors in its ways and obtained complete concessions from the IRS at a relatively low cost to his

clients. In larger and more complex cases, he has doggedly pursued his clients’ interests, identifying the key facts or innovative legal theories which help his clients to obtain very attractive settlements with the government.

Some areas where Stu can help you include—

- Responding to a complex information and document request (IDR) from the IRS;

- Preparing responses and protests to preliminary determinations by the IRS;

- Representing you before the IRS Independent Office of Appeals;

- Filing a petition for judicial review in the United States Tax Court;

- Filing a refund claim and refund suit in other federal courts;

- Representing you in the federal courts;

- If necessary, preparing and prosecuting your case in federal courts; and

- Providing an independent “second opinion” to you and your counsel on addressing issues of litigation strategy.

Regardless of your situation and needs, you can rest assured that Stu Bassin has the tax experience and skills needed to help achieve the best possible results in your case.

Feel confident with a reliable tax litigation lawyer on your side

Feel confident with a reliable tax litigation lawyer on your side